Football World Cup 2018 Enhanced Odds » Bet & Win Bigger

Bet & Win bigger on the 2018 Fifa World Cup 2018 with enhanced odds. Many bookmakers are giving new or existing customers the opportunity to get enhanced betting odds on certain matches in the tournament. These odds make sure that you get a bigger win than you would if you were betting with the standard odds. If you are not signed up to an online bookmaker offering enchanted odds you will also be able to take advantage of any new bonus offers or promotions.

Which Bookies Offer Enhanced Odds? When Do They Offer Them?

Most of the big bookmakers offer enhanced odds. If you are looking for World Cup enhanced odds then the best start is to find a bookmaker that offers enhanced odds on a regular basis as they are more likely to offer them during the course of the tournament. When you find a bookmaker that is offering enhanced odds it is more than likely this will be for a limited time only, so make sure you check the terms and conditions before you register just to take advantage of them.

What Are Enhanced Odds?

Enhanced odds are odds that have been artificially inflated by the online bookmaker or sports betting website. Many of the popular bookmakers use enhanced odds to attract new customers or to get existing customers to spend more on bets. Sometimes enhanced odds are called price promises or boosts, but the methodology is still the same. While new customers bonuses tend to be the most popular way to attract new users, enhanced odds are a great way of keeping existing players on board and engaged.

Say for example there is a match between team a and team b. The odds of team a winning are 5/1. If a bookmaker wants to ensure that customers spend money on betting on this match they may offer enhanced odds of 25/1. This means the odds deem it more unlikely that the team will win, which in turn gives the customer more money if they actually do. Bookmakers often offer enhanced odds during tournaments like the FIFA World Cup 2018 because this will ensure that customers are going to make bets through them and not through a competitor.

What Types Of Enhanced Odds Are Available?

There are a number of different types of enhanced odds available depending on if you are a new or existing customer of the sportsbook offering them. The most common form of enhanced odds are where the bookmaker will pre-select a match and then offer better odds on this match. This can either be for new customers as a way to draw them in, or for existing customers as a way to keep them spending money.

Some sports betting websites also offer enhanced odds on accumulator bets. Because the odds will be different in all of the matches this will be expressed as a percentage of the quoted odds. Again, the main difference is that some online sports gambling websites will offer this to new customers to get them to register and some will offer this to existing customers to ensure they keep betting. Giving out enhanced odds is just another way for bookmakers to offer ‘free bets’ as the customer will essentially be gaining more money on a win than they usually should gain.

If the winnings from the enhanced odds are paid in free bets this means that you will be paid in money that you can use in the sportsbook but can’t cash out. In most cases, any amount that is paid in free bets is the amount that is the difference between what you would have won with standard odds and what you did win with enhanced odds.


How To Attain Enhanced Odds

To obtain enhanced odds you must follow the instructions of the sportsbook you are registered or registering to. The process will be different if you are a new customer.

If you are a new customer you will need to first register with your chosen sports betting website to get the enhanced odds advertised. You can sign up for nearly all of the good sportsbooks using a mobile or a desktop device. Once you have signed up and completed all of the registration requirements you can visit their promotions page to get the enhanced odds.

If you are an existing customer the best way to keep in the loop about enhanced odds is to sign up to the mailing list. Once you have done this you will be sent details of bonuses and promotions and you can visit the sportsbook’s website to take advantage of the enhanced odds offers available.

Strategies For Using Enhanced Odds Offers

Many people see enhanced odds as a way to perform matched betting. This is because the return is higher on the enhanced odds bet. Say for example bookmaker a is offering enhanced odds of 33/1 on a match that should be 6/1, anyone taking advantage of this would potentially make the bet and then visit a different sportsbook to take advantage of a free bet offer to back this bet up by betting the other way. This offers a certain amount of insurance against loss and when performing this strategy with enhanced odds the returns on a win are greater.

What Does “Paid In Free Bets” Mean?

Paid in free bets means that the sportsbook will pay your bonus in money that can be used to place further bets but not ultimately cash out. Paying in free bets is a way that online sports betting websites retain customers and ensure that they keep betting with them. If you are paid in free bets for any enhanced odds offers you will get the money credited to your sports betting account but you will only be able to use this to make further bets. Anything you are paid in free bets is not able to be taken out of your account as cash.