Football World Cup League Tables » Total Wins, Losses & Goals

The all-time FIFA World Cup Winners’ Table is a consolidated ranking of all teams to have ever graced a World Cup match. The table ranks national teams as per the total points accumulated over their combined world cup appearances since the inaugural edition in 1930. It puts together the combined total number of matches that each eligible team has ever played- tallying the total wins, draws, losses, goal difference and points in a league table format. Following FIFA’s point-awarding format; three points are awarded for a win, one for a draw and none for losses.

Interesting Facts & Information

Brazil is the highest ranked team in the all-time FIFA WC winners’ table, with the South American nation having never missed out on any edition of the global football bonanza over the years.

  • Also, ‘The Samba Boys’ have been able to pick up the coveted tournament trophy a combined total of five times; obviously raking up lots of wins to achieve that status. Brazil’s total point tally in this table currently stands at 227 after 104 matches spread out through all 20 editions of the World Cup. This number is expected to rise this summer, with the in-form Brazilian team expected to shine in Russia.
  • Second, on the table in Germany, European football giants who’re only left with one World Cup win to equal Brazil’s five. The Germans emerged victorious at the most recent edition in 2014 and are expected to carry on with their good run of form heading into the World Cup. The ‘Die Manschafft’ has won a total of 66 matches during its 20 tournament appearances, resulting in 218 total accumulated points.
  • An interesting fact to note is that despite Brazil and Germany being the top-ranked nations on this list, the two nations have had to endure a staggering amount of defeats over the years- even higher than the next three teams on the table- thanks to their superior number of tournament appearances. Brazil has lost a total of 17  and Germany 20 WC matches while Argentina’s tally for losses is 21 the 2nd most with Mexico having 25 losses in their 15 World Cup appearances. Rounding up the top five nations are Italy, Argentina and Spain; who’ve managed to accumulate 156, 140 and 99 points over the years.