All about South Korea Team on Football World Cup 2018

The World is looking forward to Russia for the 2018 World Cup. The event promises to be spectacular for the football fans. Therefore, the event is more likely to attract investors and the betting industry. Every qualified team in the World is polishing up its players in order to become the World Cup winner 2018. The teams are setting up great lineups and teams formations in order to emerge the winner. This has therefore enabled the football betting sites have come up with amazing odds for the predicted teams to win the Cup. Several teams have qualified for the football World Cup competition among them is Korea Republic.

Tips for Betting on South Korea in the World Cup 2018

The World Cup will be very competitive in 2018. This is making predicting winners much difficult. However, there is a possible winner in every match. For the overall tips, to begin with, Korean Republic will be facing Sweden for its first match for which, picks go to Sweden likely to outperform Korea Republic hence anticipating a win for Sweden. The next match for Korea Republic will be against Mexico. Tips predict a win for Mexico and its final match in group F will be against Germany for which, picks go to Germany by all tips.

At outright odds, Korea Republic’s stakes are at 301 to win the World Cup, 101 to reach the finals, 51 to reach the semifinals and 13 to reach the quarter finals. Punters may look for specials on corners, yellow cards to boost their bets.

Betting Odds on South Korea to Win the World Cup 2018

Many betting sites have come up with different odds. However, the difference doesn’t differ by far. Korea Republic is placed in Group F with Germany, Sweden and Mexico. Considering the reigning champions and the top ranked team – Germany – are placed with Korea Republic, this is steep competition, thus lowering its odds to win in the group stage. The odds of Korean Republic when it’s set to play against Sweden, Mexico and Germany are given to be about 2.10, 1.90 and 1.18 against Korea Republic odds of 3.80,4.20 and 13.0 respectively. The odds that Korea Republic may win the World Cup stand at 500/1.

Expected South Korea Lineup at the World Cup

World Cup qualified teams have structured the best lineups to be able to defeat their opponents. Korea Republic has to put its best team formation in place putting into consideration how it was tricky for them qualifying. The team will depend very much on its three best players Son Heung-Min, Ki Sung-yeung and Lee Chung-yong to elevate the team. The predicted line-up is expected to be 3-4-3.

The following first eleven players are expected to appear for the World Cup 2018. Seung-Gyu Kim, Kwon, Jang, Kim Young-Gwon, Lee Jae-Sung, Koo, Jung, Yeom, Kwon Chang-Hoon, Son and Lee Keun-Ho.

Korea Republic has tried to structure its formation in the past helping to win several matches. Nonetheless, from the losses it has experienced it is expected to improve its formation. The Goalkeeper is expected to be Seung-Gyu Kim. The defence of the team is required to be strong with us expecting Lee Jae-Sung, Koo, Jung and Yeom. The midfielders Ki Sung-Yeung, who plys his trade at Swansea, will provide chances for the team. He has great passing range giving the team an advantage to go toe-to-toe with the other teams. The other midfielders are Koo, Jung,Yeom along with Ki Sung-Yeung and Son Heung-min who is a world class and experienced forward player from Tottenham. They will supply the support to Kwon Chang-Hoon and Lee Keun-Ho.

  • Son Heung-min

    Korea Republic has several high-profile players in its team playing in the English Premier League. Tottenham forward Son Heung-min is the most recognised and he has played over 59 games his country scoring 18 times.

  • Ki Sung-yueng

    Ki Sung-yueng who is playing for Swansea City is known for his vision, long-range passing techniques and great shots. He was voted Swansea City player of the year in 2015 after 8 goals in 33 games he appeared in.

  • Lee Chung-yong

    Lee Chung-yong plays as a midfielder for Crystal Palace and he was named as one of the top 50 rising stars in 2009.