All Partners & Sponsors of Football World Cup 2018

The FIFA World Cup is set to kick off in Russia this summer, and it is already on the lookout to score sponsors and partners. FIFA have been making deals with different big companies, and have already filled seven of the 8 available partnership slots, according to reports, though they are still hoping to close more deals for further sponsorships, as several brands that previously worked with them have chosen not to renew their contracts for 2018.

FIFA World Cup 2018 Sponsors and Partners in Detail – Short Overview of Collaboration

Though they have made many new partnerships and lost some old ones, long-time partners like Coca-Cola and Adidas have remained loyal and will stand with FIFA this year, maintaining their partnership deals. Credit card company Visa are another long-time partnership who will continue to participate this year. There are some newcomers, too, such as Qatar Airways and Gazprom, a Russian energy firm.

FIFA Partners

FIFA World Cup™ Sponsors

Regional Supporters

On the sponsorship side of things, big names like Budweiser and McDonald’s, who are also long-time sponsors, will support FIFA this year, as well as some new names, both of which are Chinese companies. These companies are Hisense and Vivo, who manufacture smartphones. There are still more sponsors to be announced as deals are made, and FIFA is looking for more regional sponsors within Russia to make a deal with them for this year’s World Cup.