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The biggest and most eagerly anticipated game of any World Cup is the final. The decisive match of the championship, the adrenaline of the fans and the players themselves reaches its apogee. For the title of World Champions and bragging rights for the next four years for nations, players and fans. According to the bookmakers, the greatest number of bets are placed for the World Cup Final. At this final stage of the tournament, bookmakers try to attract players by offering attractive odds and different types of bets.

When and where will the World Cup Finals 2018

In the final, the semi-finals winners (matches 61 and 62) will play, thus the winner of this landmark 64 match will be crowned World Cup Champions and will take their place in the history of the realms along with everlasting memories for football fans. The Final will be held in Moscow with a planned 1800hrs kick off at the Luzhniki Stadium in front of an anticipated 81,000 fans.

Odds and Markets for the 2018 World Cup Finals

Football fans and fans of excitement will be sure not miss such a unique moment for betting as the World Cup final in 2018. Firstly, this event takes place only once in four years, and secondly, the final game is the most anticipated match throughout the tournament. Bookmakers are also ready to accept your bets, offering advantageous odds and attractive bonuses. Our experts have compiled a comparative table of odds from the best and most trusted online bookmakers. Minimise the risks and choose the most suitable option for yourself. Odds will be available after the semi-final stage.

Interesting information

  • In 1930, at the first World Cup final was contested between Uruguay and Argentina. Before the final the rivals could not agree on whose ball was to used in the match and eventually decided to use a ball from each nation for one half. The Uruguayan forward for the final only had one hand, which did not stop him from scoring a goal.
  • In 1958, during the final match between Brazil and Sweden, Pele scored two goals and at the same time felt so ill that he needed the help of doctors.
  • The final of the 1964 World Cup was held at the National Stadium in Santiago, 11 years later over 40,000 opponents of the military regime dictator Pinochet were held captive.
  • In 1974, a couple of days before the final the tabloid Bild published a story, regarding the leader of the Dutch – Cruyff having fun in the pool with naked Germans and drinking champagne. The guy had to justify to his wife, which affected his morale.
  • In 1990, Germany reached the final for the third time in a row. The opponents were Argentina. The match ended in victory for Germany, while Maradona accused FIFA of a conspiracy.
  • On the eve of the final of 1998, Ronaldo was poisoned. He struggled to the field, but Brazil was inferior to France and the magnificent Zidane.
  • The only time the final part of the tournament was held on the territory of two states in 2002 – Japan and South Korea.
  • The final of the World Cup in 2010 was predicted by the octopus Paul, predicting the victory of Spain, which was confirmed at the end of the match.
  • At the World Cup in 2010 for the first time in the finals played two countries with a monarchical form of government. Defeated King Juan Carlos I.
  • The number of spectators from the world championships exceeds the spectator audience of the Olympic Games.