All about the Costa Rica Team at Football World Cup 2018

On June 14th this year, the globe will be treated to one of the most prestigious football events with 32 teams battling it out in Russia for the FIFA World Cup. This will be an opportunity for players and countries to showcase their football talents to thousands of people watching live in the stadium and billions of other football enthusiasts watching such games from the comfort of their homes via television.

Among the FIFA World Cup 2018 qualified teams, Costa Rica did manage to qualify despite a tasking campaign. Costa Rica's route to the World Cup was not easy. Many are waiting to see how they will fair in this year's FIFA World Cup.

Tips for Betting on Costa Rica in the World Cup 2018

Costa Rica had a fairly rough time qualifying for the World Cup. Even though they later qualified after a hard-earned draw against Honduras, as a gambler, there are important tips that you need to put in mind while betting.

Over tips is the first tip you need to utilise when betting for Costa Rica at the upcoming World Cup. Costa Rica is a highly defensive team with a lack of lethal strikers. In fact, in all the nine qualifying matches that they played, Costa Rica managed to score 13 goals only. Betting for them to score less than two goals in a match would be a good move.

Betting on the number of yellow cards to be issued during a match is another tip that you should highly consider while placing a bet on Costa Rica. Costa Rican players can tackle very hard. They have some of the most defensive and tackling players that will not miss being booked before a match ends. If you are a gambling enthusiast, placing a wager on the number of yellow cards to be issued in a match between Costa Rica and its opponents would be a good way to get your money back.

Outright Bet is another tip that you should not ignore while betting for Costa Rica in the World Cup. With Brazil, Switzerland, and Serbia having been drawn with the same group as Costa Roca, chances of Costa Rica to either topping or coming second in their group seem a tasking affair. Based on recent FIFA rankings, Costa Rica is way below Switzerland and Brazil. Betting on them to finish below Brazil and Switzerland would be a good move.

There are other betting tips that you can bet on Costa Rica in the World Cup. Defensive teams tend to concede more corners. If you bet on Costa Rica on the number of corners to be conceded in the match, rest assured that you will get your money back as Costa Rica is known for conceding a lot of corners in a single match.

Betting Odds on Costa Rica to Win the World Cup 2018

Costa Rica did not have it easy qualifying for the World Cup. In fact, while playing the deciding match against Honduras, it only took a late goal from Kendall Watson for the Los Ticos to secure their place at the 2018 World Cup. Even though Costa Rica had one match to spare, a loss at Honduras would have been disastrous for them.

The bookmakers rate Costa Rica’s chances of winning the World Cup to be 280/1 (decimal 281). Considering other nations that will be represented in the World Cup, it is fair to say that is a distant possibility accorded to Costa Rica. Other bookmakers have assigned Costa Rica odds of around 300.00 to 320.00.

Expected Costa Rica Lineup at the World Cup

Costa Rica is expected to maintain the same starting eleven that their coach fielded when they beat USA 2-0. However, there are favourite players likely to be named such as Pemberton, Tejeda, and Venegas. Keylor Navas is expected to maintain his position between the sticks. The goalkeeper is considered as one of the best in the game based on his standout plays at country and club level. His agility, height, anticipation, and command of the penalty area are reasons as to why he is expected to line up for Costa Rica less than the six months when the globe expects to be treated with one of the most anticipated events.

If there is a country that takes pride in having one of the tallest and agile defenders across the globe, then it has to be Costa Rica. Costa Rica is expected to field Gamboa, Waston, Acosta, and Calvo as its defenders. Gamboa and Acosta are particularly tall and can win aerial balls whenever the ball is crossed into the box. In fact, all of these defenders can tackle, maintain a good positional awareness, good anticipation skills, strong, and speedy enough to tackle the best defenders on the globe. With such skills in place, these players are expected to line up for Costa Rica when the World Cup begins mid this year.

Oviedo, Bolanos, Guzman, and Borges, are expected to maintain their midfield positions. These players are expected to maintain their positions based on the fact that they can tackle opposing players, cut in from the wings, shoot from distant positions, and assist the defenders.

Ruiz and Urena are prolific strikers who are expected to be among the first eleven players representing their country when they take on their fast opponents. Urena and Ruiz are fast, agile, and possess good movement, and ball control.

Keylor Navas has been prolific while playing for both club and country. His continued spell with Real Madrid has transformed him to be one of the best goalkeepers across the globe. Navas has an impressive save ratio, ability to organise his defence, and the ability to maintain one of the longest clean sheets. Navas is tall and agile meaning that aerial balls are not too difficult for him to handle.

It is highly expected that Gamboa, Waston, Acosta, and Calvo will make Costa Rica’s line of defence. Calvo and Gamboa are known to be one of the best tackling and tall defenders in Costa Rica. They have a possibility of tackling one of the best strikers, and other midfielders in football. Watson and Acosta are known to have a good work-rate, excellent positioning, and the ability to complete passes. All the four defenders are highly expected to maintain their usual positions when the World Cup starts in June. Acosta and Waston are expected to maintain their centre roles as Calvo and Gamboa hold their left and right-back positions respectively.

Oviedo, Bolanos, Guzman, and Borges are also expected to maintain their respective midfield positions. Borges and Oviedo are good wingers with the ability to attack from the flanks and deliver the ball to strikers waiting for the ball. Guzman is expected to play as a defensive midfielder whose role will be to clear loose balls while shielding defence from attacks. Bolanos will be the playmaker.

Ruiz and Urena are expected to lead Costa Rica’s attack. Ruiz and Urena are known to be lethal in front of goal and Costa Rica will be relying on them to score goals for them especially when they face their group opponents.

  • Keylor Navas

    Navas will be the most watched player when Costa Rica attempt to secure top position and world victory in Russia. Navas plays for one of the richest clubs in the world-Real Madrid. As Costa Rica’s most high-profile players, his skills will be put to the test during the World Cup.

  • Bryan Ruiz

    Ruiz is the current captain of Costa Rica. Despite playing in an attacking position, Ruiz is regarded as one of the most lethal strikers in front of goal. He rarely misses his chance to score and Costa will be highly relying on him.