All about the Panama Team at Football World Cup 2018

Football is a wonder that inspires people as well as enhances unity. The World Cup, for instance, is an event that brings everyone together in spite of their race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation among many other forms of affiliations that separates people due to the discrimination and the prejudice existent in the world. The 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament that was held in Brazil saw billions of people tuned in both live and in the stadium to view and support their preferred teams. 2018’s World Cup is expected to be far beyond improved with teams such as Panama qualifying.

Tips for Betting on Panama in the World Cup 2018

Panama will be facing some of the best teams in the World Cup in 2018 in Russia. One of the teams they will face is Belgium. Belgium boasts of having very formidable options for their attack. Some of these options are Dries Mertens, the Napoli forward and Romelu Lukaku, Manchester United’s striker. The team also houses stars such as Kevin de Bryune and Eden Hazard who rank as the world’s best attackers in the midfield position. Belgium won their qualifiers by outscoring each of their opponents regularly. Thus, Panama might find it hard to score against Belgium since they average goals per game was one.

On the other hand, Panama will face the well-experienced England team with the hopes of scoring better or evening the score to gain a chance to proceed in the 2018 FIFA World Cup Tournament. England fans expect their team to experience a clean sweep in their match against Panama. Despite Panama’s coach being experienced, there is an excellent likelihood for his team to be not only overawed but also to be overwhelmed by the big lights, stage, and attention of the billions watching them. England is expected to have a double-edged sword that will show no mercy to the Panamanian team. England has proved to be the favourites this period.

Finally, against Tunisia, Panama stands a chance as this team has shown an almost equal strength to that of Tunisia. Hence, it will not be difficult for the latter to succeed against them. Nevertheless, there are no guarantees. Panama in all of its matches may incur six yellow cards and four corners. Lastly, the overall tips show that Panama faces excellent teams, which might dwindle its dreams for success at the 2018 World Cup tournament.

Betting Odds on Panama to Win the World Cup 2018

Evidently, the 2018 World Cup is bent on being marked with incredible, inspiring, brave and well-spirited performances that will keep football lovers entertained throughout its tenure. The 32 teams that qualified have each showed great determination to play and execute football prowess unlike never before. One such side is Panama that has overcome their status quo of never qualifying for the World Cup finals. Their first-time qualification marks history. Their eligibility was at the expense of the USA who lost to Tobago and Trinidad. The team’s betting odds are 1000/1.

Expected Panama Lineup at the World Cup

Panama has shown tremendous motivation and dedication during their World Cup qualifiers. In spite of this, the team lacks the necessary prowess needed to champion their way to the finals. The team harbours players such as Abidiel Arroyo who is their forward and who had one yellow card during the qualifiers. Also, he has not scored any goals and has been substituted once. Felipe Baloy is on the defensive line together with, Roberto Chen, Fidel Escober, Adolfo Machado, Michael Amir Murillo Bermudex, Luis Ovalle and Roman Torres. Also, the teams forwards as mentioned before include Abdiel Arroyo, Blas Perez, Luis Tejada and Gabriel Torres. Each of these suggested players has had either one or two appearances during the World Cup Qualifiers. Nevertheless, a few among them have not made an appearance yet. On the midfielder section, players such as Edgar Yoel Barcenas, Ricardo Buitrago, Armando Cooper, Eric Davis, Anibal Godoy, Gabriel Gomez and Alberti Quintero. Finally, the expected goalkeepers’ lineup includes Jose de Jesus Calderon and Jaime Penedo. Each of these players has gained experience over the years while playing football in different clubs in Panama and outside. However, the question that fills the minds and hearts of people involve whether the team has accrued enough prowess to stand up and be counted during the World Cup. The question, which will be answered during the World Cup matches, scheduled for Panama in 2018 in Russia. One of the favourites in the team includes Felipe Baloy, Anibal Godoy, Gabriel Gomez and Luis Ovalle. These named players have appeared twice during the qualifiers matches and thus, show the likeability experienced them with their coach. Moreover, it depicts the level of popularity they have with the fans. Team Panama’s lineup is impressive.

Inevitably, the team has no experience in this sort of stage hence; this will work at their disadvantage as they might cringe at the slightest provocation of dominance shown by their rivals during the group matches. The team nevertheless has a well-experienced coach who coached the Colombian team in four of their world cup campaigns. Evidently, this will be a great matchup for them since what they need is a guide that has the required experience to carry them forward beyond the group matches.

Nonetheless, the team faces excellent teams that dominate events in the World cup. Teams that have gone beyond the group games and teams that have accrued more experience in performing in these matches. Thus, they will be facing a tough call. The team has an impressive attacking lineup that shows unpredictability to a certain extent. Additionally, it has a large pool of defenders to pick from as compared to its attackers. This indicates that the team is more defence oriented instead of attacking grouped. Its midfielders are counted among the favourites thus; this shows they have a somewhat healthy rapport in this position. The defence mechanism may prevent its competitors to score many goals against them. Importantly, the team needs to be fast enough and utilize the few forwards they have to lead and drive the ball to garner goals. Notably, during their qualifiers, they did not amass enough goals as compared to its competitors.

The team’s expected formation is 3-5-2. Through this structure, they hope to succeed in their endeavours during the World Cup. The team needs to increase its speed, more so, the reaction speed of its defenders as this almost caused them during the World Cup Qualifiers. Ultimately, the team needs to come up with a strategy.

Some of the favourites of this team are centred on the midfielder position on the football ground. The most high profile players include Felipe Baloy, Aníbal Godoy, and Gabriel Enrique Gómez. Each of these players has appeared twice during the World Cup 2018 Russia Qualifiers.

  • Felipe Baloy

    Felipe Baloy who resides in Mexico with his family has played two FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, one being in 2001, where he did not qualify in spite of the team being termed as the best team at that time. Nevertheless, his hard work and determination led to him being made the captain of the national team. His style of play is unique and holds a lot of promise for the team during their matches in 2018’s tournament.

  • Aníbal Godoy

    Aníbal Godoy aged 27 plays the defensive midfielder position. He has played in the under twenty World Cup Tournament, which has shaped his experiences. Additionally, over the years he has played different cups and qualifiers hence, this makes him a high profile player in the team because of his accrued experiences. He will prove an excellent asset for the team based on their need to ensure that they defend every attack made against them.

  • Gabriel Enrique Gómez

    Gabriel Enrique Gómez is a high profile player in the team because of having played six countries not limited to Portugal and Colombia. He furthermore held the record in Panama’s cap holder. He has appeared in more than 130 international matches. This makes him the highest weapon for the teams that they will face in 2018’s World Cup in Russia. With his skills and garnered opportunities to play internationally and in six countries, the fear that the team may have in the big stage may be thus, a bit reduced.