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The FIFA World Cup causes feverish excitement. Football fans and non-football fans alike await the event. There’s plenty of betting about the outcome of the various matches. Which team will win? The favourite? Or will a rank outsider sweep the tournament? Whether the outcome is a predicted or unexpected, this will keep the bookmakers busy.

Betting Odds Comparison | Best Betting Sites for WC 2018

This is a great time for betting sites. They know it is a great time to attract new business and they offer some super bonuses for new signups. Those signing up for World Cup bets are bound to benefit. Sites to check out include Betfair, Betway and 10Bet, as well as Ladbrokes, Leo Vegas and Coral. Actually, there are many more. This is only the tip of the iceberg. 10Bet is offering a welcome bonus of 50% up to £200. Ladbrokes and Betfair are offering free bets, as is Paddy Power, Bet365 and others. If you fancy having a bet on the World Cup, you can shop around and see which sites offer the best welcome bonuses.

According to some of the major betting sites, the current favourite to win is Germany. Next come France and Brazil. Not too far behind are Spain and Belgium. Outside favourites include England, Portugal and Croatia. Most people like to bet on the ‘safe’ teams, the favourites, sure and certain that their bets are secure. But what if a rank outsider starts moving up the scale? Suppose a supposed no-hoper wins beyond prediction and upsets the so-called favourites? That is what gets the adrenaline flowing and makes the event so exciting. Some people with a taste for adventure love to bet on non-favourites. When those are the winners, it sends the excitement into overdrive. It is this unpredictability which creates sports history. It keeps the world glued to its giant-sized TVs. This is what is known as a ‘game changer’. It is also a newsmaker, a heartbreaker and a soul destroyer. Unpredictability is the heart and soul of true betting excitement.

How Does The Odds Comparison Work?

Understanding how betting odds work is crucial. The odds tell you how likely a certain outcome is, as well as how much you are likely to earn if you bet on something. On most booking sites in the UK show the odds in fraction form. Supposing it is stated that Germany has a 4/1 chance of winning? You can calculate the likelihood of this outcome as 1/(4+1) = ⅕ = 0.20. This means that there is a 20% chance Germany will win. It also means that for every £1 (GBP) you bet on this outcome, you will win £4.00.

So you should study the odds on the teams in which you are interested. Study the way the odds have been predicted in the past. In time, you will develop the skill of reading between the lines. You will experience the rush of realising you have predicted the right outcome. Have fun.

Secure Your Advantage – Odds Are More Important Than Inside Information

For most people, having a bet on an event like the World Cup is a bit of fun. It is something which adds an edge to the event’s excitement. And if your bet wins, it is a bonus. If your bet loses, you have to take it on the chin. It is the luck, of the game. If you practise responsible gambling and only bet money you can afford to lose, it should not be a problem. But there are some who go into the betting game with serious intent. They have the intention of making a good profit on their outlay. In recent years, this has led to a type of abuse in sport. Some wagerers have relied on ‘inside information’ to lay bets which would work for them. There is no such thing as ‘inside information’ when it comes to true sport. Games of skill, with a bit of luck and chance thrown in, can go either way. The secret of betting success is to study the odds. We must become familiar with the way predictions work. Because that is a skill in itself and one which we should not underestimate.