All about the Uruguay Team at Football World Cup 2018

Uruguay are amongst the qualified national teams in the FIFA World Cup 2018, and here you will find everything you need to know about the team and their involvement in the cup this summer. This South American team are going strong, and have a good track record in the FIFA World Cup, having won two times since its beginning, in 1930 and 1950 respectively. Uruguay always get far in the leaderboards, so it will be interesting to see how they do this year and how close they can get to the final.

Tips for Betting on Uruguay in the World Cup 2018

In regards to betting on Uruguay in the World Cup 2018, here are some tips for bettors that may help them make their decision and place their bets. As of yet, there is still a lot of uncertainty, and things will get clearer as the matches start. But, predictions and tips can be given based on previous games and the team’s history, and by comparing their odds with the other qualifying teams.

The current outright odds on Uruguay winning the FIFA World Cup are listed as 40-1, making them the most likely to win out of their group (Group A), alongside Russia. They are very behind many countries in the odds, like Spain, France, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil, who are much more likely to win than they are. So it is advisable not to bet on Uruguay to win the cup as of now unless things start to drastically change as the games start.

Punters better bet on the individual matches which Uruguay will take part in. The big match on everyone’s lips is Uruguay vs Russia. This match will take place on 25 June, and bets are already open for those who want to get playing. Uruguay is ultimately a much stronger team than Russia and one that has a better history and stronger individual players with incredible track records, and the odds are in their favour, with their excellent strikers and defence mechanisms.

Another big match is Uruguay vs. Egypt. While Egypt are not considered a very important team overall in the World Cup games, they are a strong team that has a good history and have scored eight goals in their qualifying matches. Nonetheless, it is expected that they will have pretty much no chance against Uruguay, who are gaining a reputation as one of South America’s leading teams, and odds are in their favour.

Betting Odds on Uruguay to Win the World Cup 2018

The current betting odds on Uruguay to win outright are 40-1 according to some of the bookmakers, though other bookies have different odds available and offer that Uruguay have a 25-1 chance of winning. Though they are one of the leading teams in this year’s cup, they are still far away from the stronger teams and look unlikely to move much further up the leaderboards to take over renowned world champions such as Germany, France, Spain and England.

Expected Uruguay Lineup at the World Cup

Though it is early to say who will be confirmed for sure for the World Cup lineup, it is easy to make a good guess based on the recent team line-ups in their important matches. There may be a few changes here and there, but it is more or less expected the line-up for their matches in June to look something like this, and there are some names which for sure are guaranteed to make an appearance.

Goalkeepers that have been part of the solid line-up recently are Martín Silva and Martín Campaña. Defenders include Maxi Pereira, Diego Godín, José María Giménez, Gastón Silva, Mauricio Lemos and Guillermo Varela. The midfielders consist of Cristian Rodríguez, Álvaro González, Nicolás Lodeiro, Carlos Sánchez, Matías Vecino, Giorgian De Arrascaeta, Nahitan Nández, Federico Valverde and Rodrigo Bentancur. Playing forward are Edinson Cavani, Cristhian Stuani, Jonathan Urretaviscaya, Maximiliano Gómez and Gastón Pereiro.

This is a strong team with a good history and excellent ratings that looks set to take Uruguay to high places this World Cup, though in the most recent matches in November, Uruguay failed to win against Poland and suffered a defeat against Austria, so it is expected some changes to take place with the current line-up, especially with the younger newbies who may be seen as more of a risk in the big qualifying games.

Some of the young favourites who are helping the team to strengthen their attack strategy are Valverde, who normally plays for Real Madrid, Vecino and Nández, and some expect to see these promising names come up when the final line-up is revealed. The star player of Uruguay is Barcelona team member Luis Suárez.

Óscar Tabárez is the team’s manager and he has a lot to think about before Uruguay head out to play their games in the FIFA World Cup 2018. This former football player knows better than anyone how to form a team and what method to use to win, though there are times when Uruguay’s methods have let them down. Recently, they have been relying on the attacking method to win games, but in recent friendlies they have drawn or lost, meaning that some big changes in their strategy and overall team formation and breakdown can be expected.

Tabárez perhaps will strengthen up the defence of his team to give them a better chance and not focus so much on strikers and the attack strategy. As yet, the official team for the FIFA World Cup 2018 cannot be confirmed, but breakdown should look something like this: Cristhian Stuani, Luis Suárez, Urreta, Abel Hernández, Diego Rolán, Edinson Cavani (Forwards), Egidio Arévalo, Álvaro González, Giorgian De Arrascaeta, Diego Laxalt, Nicolas Lodeiro, Nahitan Nández, Alvaro Pereiral, Maxi Pereira, Gastón Ramirez, Federico Ricca, Cristian Rodriguez, Carlos Sánchez, Mathías Vecino (Midfielders), Gastón Silva, Alejandro Silva, Diego Godin, José Giménez, Jorge Fucile, Mathías Corujo, Sebastián Coates, Martín Cáceres (Defenders), and goalkeepers Esteban Conde, Fernando Muslera and Martin Silva.

The Uruguay football team is made up of some incredibly high profile players, as well as some of the most promising young newcomers in the world of football.

  • ‎Luis Suárez

    Suárez‎ is arguably the most high profile player on the current Uruguay team, and by far the top scorer. At thirty years of age, this player is an experienced one. He is no newcomer to the football scene, and it shows. Though he is from Uruguay, ‎Luis Suárez‎ plays for Barcelona, where he has contributed greatly to the team’s recent successes. Suárez‎ has won a plethora of awards and trophies throughout his career, 14 to be exact, and is considered one of the best football players in the world, ranking high on the lead tables. He is a master of the goal, and has become famous for his attack technique of running directly towards the goal during games, creating many goal opportunities.

  • Edinson Cavani

    An Uruguayan professional that has been making his mark playing for French team Paris Saint-Germain, Cavani is a great goal scorer and is respected all over the world for his incredible techniques and attitude to his work. He plays hard, and trains hard, and it shows on the pitch. Though Cavani’s official playing position is centre-forward he has often played in other positions, showing off his flexibility and talent for the game. In just over 4 years, Cavani has scored 107 goals playing for Paris Saint-Germain, and 40 for the Uruguay national team.