All about the Russia Team at Football World Cup 2018

Although they are the host nation - odds do not seem in Russia's favour to be the champions of the World Cup 2018. With current odds standing at 40/1 the team do not look set to have a chance at progressing through the group stages. Although there is always an outside chance of anyone winning, the circumstances surrounding Russia's first team do not lend themselves to this situation being likely. Not only are the team mired in a doping scandal, the key defender Jikia recently tore his ACL and looks set not to play.

Tips for Betting on Russia in the World Cup 2018

Although Russia do not have good odds on winning the World Cup 2018 there are still a number of people who will be betting on them. Any team classed as an outsider can bring high rewards if they are successful and you do not need to make a huge deposit to benefit from them. If you are thinking of betting on Russia during the World Cup 2018 here are some tips:

  • Get the best odds. They will vary from website to website so look outside of your usual sportsbook
  • Bet with a lower amount than you would a popular team. You will still get a similar amount in winnings because the odds are so against them
  • See if there are other ways you can bet on them. There may be opportunities to bet on them just passing group stage or winning certain matches
  • Try and use a free bet. Then you won’t have lost anything
  • Bet on variables that can happen in the matches. Rather than betting in Russia winning you can bet on red and yellow cards, scorers, goals scored etc

Betting Odds on Russia to Win the World Cup 2018

The current agreed betting odds on Russia are 40/1. There are some sportsbooks that are currently quoting 30/1. Although there will be differences between the betting odds they will all come down to the odds for the sportsbook in general. As you will know if you are used to using them some sportsbooks offer much better odds than others. If you are not happy with the current odds you are being quoted then you may consider switching the sportsbook you use just for the World Cup. This will also give you the opportunity to get a free bet for being a new customer.

Expected Russia Lineup at the World Cup

Russia are not expected to make many changes through the competition unless there are factors outside of their control like injury. They are also expected to utilize as many first-team players at the same time as possible to give them the best chance.

Goalkeeper and defenders

  • Lunev
  • Smolnikov
  • ikia
  • Vasin
  • Kudryashov
  • Zhirkov


  • Glushakov
  • Kuzyaev
  • Dzagoev


  • Smolov
  • Miranchuk

Russia are expected to keep their 5-3-2 formation through the tournament. The news circulating the team before the tournament surrounds Fedor Smolov and his ambitions to bring in as many goals as possible for his national team.

Russia may be a team that do not look set to make a huge impact on the 2018 World Cup, but that does not mean that they do not have players that are hugely successful in their league teams. Most of the Russian players have had some sort of success coming up against high profile players either in previous international tournaments or UEFA championships.

  • Fedor Smolov

    Fedor Smolov started his career in 2007 at Dynamo Moscow. Arguably one of the successful Russian league teams, it was a great start and he furthered his skills on loan for a year to Feyenoord. Once he returned he was placed in the starting team and his international career started to take off. In 2012 he was included in a friendly against the United States after playing the previous international European championship as part of the under-21s team. He netted the opening goal during his debut and cemented himself as a respected goal scorer in the Russian starting line up. His first competitive goal was against Lichtenstein in the Euro 2016 qualifier. During the tournament he was included in the starting line up but Russia did not make it past the group stages. Now he has had a chance to mature he will surely pose a threat to Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and Egypt in the group stages.

  • Yuri Zhirkov

    Yuri Zhirkov is another player who has got a long history of experience playing world class football. In 2009 he moved to Chelsea FC in the English league from CSKA Moscow for £18million. Although he ultimately returned to Russia two years later this experience inevitably made him a front runner in the choices for his national team. He made his national debut in 2005 in a friendly against Italy. Russia were defeated 2-0 but his performance earned him a place in the UEFA Euro 2008 team. After helping his tea get to the semi-finals he was nominated for a Ballon d’Or.

    During the FIFA 2010 World Cup he received his first red card for pushing a Slovenian player. This did not resonate well with fans, who blamed him for the loss, and he was heckled at a friendly the next year every time he touched the ball. He played well in the recent Confederations Cup which looks to assure his place in the starting line up for the world cup this year.